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Europa Services is an industry leader in translation and interpretation.


If you own a business that needs a German and English speaking project manager to handle and prepare contracts, Europa Services should be your first choice.

About Europa Services

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Commercial & supply chain management



Europa Services can translate a number of resources for English and German speaking companies. We offer all translation services from translating documents to meeting interpretation

Misunderstandings can occur in many different scenarios, whether from use of jargon, common phrases or even when quoting specifications which may not be universally recognised. Europa Services work with companies to help them make the most of all their options, which includes international trade.

If you're interested in any of the international project management, interpretation and translation services that Europa Services offer, please get in touch with us.


About Europa Services

Europa Services work in procurement and supply with

English and German speaking partners at some of the world’s largest defence, technology, utilities, and technology support organisations. We provide translation and project management services to help you make the most of your business and international trade.

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